Google Plus: 60 Day Social Media Experiment

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I’ll confess I’m a bit worried about this experiment…. I’ve been on Google Plus a while and it’s felt a bit lonely.  There are plenty of techies and social media peeps but not so many people who are just looking to hang out and check out pretty things.  Well I’ve committed, so time to see if my assumptions are correct and I’ll be running back to the pretty picture land of Pinterest.

Currently I have 2 pages a business page and a personal profile, I don’t think it is necessary to to run both so at the end of this experiment I will decide whether to continue with both, one or none of them.


Increase the number of people how have my personal profile in circles from 824 to 1250

Google Plus Circles - Kitty Plum


Increase the number of people who have my business page in circles from 326 to 600

Google Plus Circles - Plums Lingerie


Increase the traffic to from 2 per month to 300.  This is a leap but unless I see a healthy increase I don’t see the benefit of continuing after seeing the amount of traffic I can generate from Pinterest.  If you didn’t see the results of my 60 Day Pinterest Experiment you can sign up for the recording here.


Add Google Authorship

Have you seen search results that come with a little picture of the author of a post?    This shows that the content from the website is linked to the author’s Google Plus profile. It’s eye-catching isn’t it? In fact one study showed that rich snippets such as this can increase your click through rate by 150%! If you haven’t set up yours yet here’s how you can.  How to Set Up Google Authorship  As my blog is on wordpress I used a plugin called Google SEO Author Snippet.

Google Plus Authorship

Find 20 people a day to follow.

This is more challenging than it sounds.  There are so many inactive profiles that you need to click through to find someone worth adding to your circles.

There are a few non affiliated websites that have profiles listed so you can search through them but a lot of them aren’t kept up to date.  The best one I have found is Circle Count which can be integrated in to your Chrome browser and give you statistics on profiles.

I am sure I’ll find new ways to find people, I’ll keep you up to date with my discoveries in future posts.

Engage on 20 posts a day.

Every social media platform is about building relationships with potential and existing customers.  Commenting on posts and being involved in communities is the simplest way to do this.  On my initial searches I haven’t found any lingerie communities that would be suitable, so I am going to be thinking around the topic, where would women who like lingerie be spending time? It maybe a cliché but I am going to try my luck with fashion and beauty communities.


As I am not new to Google Plus there are some things I have already done for my business that you may need to do for yours.

Firstly you’ll need to set up a page for you business, How To Set Up A Google + Page For Your Business

Add your business to Google Places and link it with your Google Plus page – You can find out how to do it in this article Google Page Local Verification

Add G+ button on your products and blog.  If you are like me and not very techie you may need your web developer to do this.  You can find the code needed here Add Google Plus Button


I’ll cover more about the set up and how Google Plus posts in the weeks to come.  Don’t miss out,

photo credit: Michelle Brea via photopin cc

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