Facebook Offers: A New Way To Promote Your Business With Facebook

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Facebook offers have been launched in beta to a select number of local businesses.  This is exciting news for small businesses as the new offers are simple to set up, easily shared and appear on people’s newsfeeds, promoting your page as well as your sales message.

How do you set up a Facebook Offer?

It’s easy peasy! Click on the  offer icon  on the top of the Status Update box.

FB offer image 1

Complete the fields and ensure:

  • Your thumbnail image is 90×90 px and it is clear and simple.
  • Your headline concisely explains the offer.  If you need more than 90 characters to explain your offer then it’s too complicated.
  • You put a limit of people who can use your offer, if it spreads and you haven’t stipulated a limit it could cost you a lot of money.
  • You add an expiration date.  If you don’t change this the offer will only be valid for 1 day.
  • You complete the terms and conditions i.e. if you want to promote beauty treatments on Tuesdays because you are quiet then this needs to be included.

When you hit the Preview button you will be asked if you want to select a location and a language. For local business this is ideal for setting up offers people in your geographic area.FB offer image 2



Preview your offer and then publish it.  It looks like the offers are primarily designed to be redeemed in person but If you add a link to your website you can drive people to redeem the offer online.



To get the maximum exposure for your offer pin it to the top of your page where it will stay for 7 days.


Pin to top,


When someone clicks Get Offer on your post they will receive an email detailing your offer. If you have added a link this becomes clickable.  You are invited to share this offer on Facebook.  This will help the offer increase it’s reach, invest in Facebook ads and you offer could reach thousands of potential new customers.

offer email


Would you use offers for your business?  What sort of offers do you think would work best?

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  1. Penny Henderson says

    Thanks for flagging this up Katherine.. I do have it on my page, but hadn’t noticed!

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