Time Saving Facebook Tip : Post Planner for Facebook

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Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Facebook changing the rules yet again rarely puts a smile on my face, but this week was different.  I read an article on the Social Media Examiner that informed me that Facebook are no longer penalising posts to page that are sent through from a third party applications like Hootsuite.  Hurrah and a happy dance around the laptop.  Now the social media party line goes ‘nothing beats posting directly and you shouldn’t overly rely on scheduling’.  Okay I agree with this because I have seen examples of scheduled tweets and posts that have clearly been scheduled and are out of date before they become live, not good.  So as I know that you guys are on the ball let’s go ahead with assuming you are going to keep a close eye on the stuff you schedule and on all the comments and tweets you are going to get in response.

In this fine post the tool Post Planner was mentioned, now I have to say I did like the sound of this.  Post Planner is a tool that allows you to schedule posts to Facebook pages, groups and even your personal profile.  There are other tools that do this but the benefit of Post Planner is the easy of scheduling video and photos.  The layout follows the Facebook layout so it is simple to use.  The only down side is that you have to use the paid option if you want to schedule to a page rather than to a profile. It’s pretty cheap and if it is going to save you time the few bucks a month will be worth it.


One touch I really like is when it asks for permission to access your Facebook it explains what it is going to do with permission you give it.  I always have a wibble when giving permissions to apps so this help allay my concerns.



When your scheduled post is published it looks like this, the only way you can see it is scheduled is the mention of Post Planner underneath.  In the super paid option it is possible to have this as your business name with a link to your website. At $14.95 a month I am not convinced of the value unless you get a bit of Google juice on the link.




Have you tried scheduling your posts?  Does it make your life easier or do you prefer to post direct? Let me know in the comments below.


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