Twitter and customer service

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We will if Blair was asked an interesting question by applying

, should customers complain or have a problem on Twitter be allowed to effectively queue jump or processes.

Mrs Henderson question as much as all customers should be treated equally business realistically ever the case. It’s a fact of life in the medium to large companies all have specific customer service protocols and ways of doing things they have this to ensure staff knows what is expected of them, how to deal with specific problems, manage internal relationships etc.

I don’t think that Twitter it is necessarily be separate from the main businesses procedures but one thing Twitter does  make clear is when a customer doesn’t feel like they are receiving enough communication, they soon let you know. They are unlikely to sit festering for days because getting on the telephone and going through automated menu many before they actually get to speak to somebody is just too much hassle. A tweet can be sent while sitting at their desks and without an everybody knowing they are dealing with a personal matter. The answer to the question is, no a t and are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are when you see an unhappy customer in the to the theme at your company is frankly useless. However by communicating, and directing their enquiry or problem through proper channels you should be able to manage their issue.  The majority understand but no business is perfect and from time to time this can be a problem. If you deal in the Vichy proactively communicate clearly the observers around will often take away a positive impression of you.

But like everything there is always an exception to the rule.

Imagine a meeting in the village hall and suddenly in middle of the hubbub someone started to shout about your business and how it didn’t care about its customers.  You are going to want to sort out this customer’s problem pretty darn quickly.  It is a cliche but the squeaky wheel you she does get more oil.In the  Customers Weep should not be more important customer. 

In an ideal world the customer would never have a problem, and if they did it would be solved instantaneously by just clicking a few buttons.

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